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Are you an early-stage startup struggling to generate a successful solution to market?

This is for you.

If you are...

Pre Seed

Typically refers to when a company's founders are first getting their operations off the ground.

  • Typically looking for an idea to take to market 
  • Initial funding is coming from you, family or friends

Seed stage

Typically represents the first official funds that a business venture or enterprise raises.

  • Typically have idea to start a business or product
  • Have extra external funding sources

What you have in common

  • You don't want to risk wasting your time and investment capital on an idea that will not generate growth
  • You want to learn how to create demand-driven ideas and launch a successful start-up  
  • You feel alone in your quest for success and need personalised help 
  • You want to attract investors and illustrate the signals they demand to maximise your chance of investment funding
  • Be successful in your own right

We'll help you go...


  • Having an undetermined strategic plan
  • No market research
  • Create a solution the market doesn't need 
  • Having no indicators of market demand 
  • Lack of investment funding
  • Running out of funding


  • Having a coherent strategy
  • Find market opportunities to make money
  • Create a solution a market needs
  • Having indicators of market demand
  • Attract investors and increase funding 
  • Scaling progressively

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Learn how we have helped early-stage start-ups and enterprises launch successful products to market.

Our recent local start-up wins

Anthony, Founder

"I wish I USED this model in the past, it would of shaved off so much time and effort, not to mention money wasted on our failed attempts to increase our customer adoption."

Daniel, Founder

"Halfway through the program and already are seeing clear indicators for demand in our evolved idea which is very different from our initial thinking in what our target market needed."

Marcus, VC

"Our client delivered their insights via Georges frameworks, which gave me the right indicators that this product was the right time to invest."

Jasmin, Founder

"As a non-tech or design lead person, I am finding this process simple to understand, and George provides excellent guidance that is clear, structured and patient. A great pleasure."