Step 3

Your Discovery Session Is Confirmed!

Watch the video to prepare for our chat

We do this to ensure we both show up ready, not showing up to get ready.

Step 3


Watch the video to prepare for our chat

We do this to ensure we both show up ready, not showing up to get ready.

We are all about nurturing our peeps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling inquisitive? have a read through some of our FAQ's.

This program is for: 

  • early-stage start-ups,
  • early-stage founders and entrepreneurs,
  • businesses looking to explore new products to their business
  • enterprise innovators,

Who have an initial idea and want to test the market before committing and investing time and money in building a solution 

Or have a product in the market and it is underperforming

No matter who you are, you are motivated to learn the process of how design innovators work to be empowered to do the work

That will mitigate the risk of failure.

The outcome will:

  • Provide your investors with the evidence they require increasing your chance to enter the next stage of funding,
  • Help you learn how to apply this approach for future thinking as it is a repeatable process.

We only work with clients we know we can help. That’s why you should schedule a call with one of our Business Advisors, so we can help you make the best decision based on your situation.

Either! It’s possible to build a successful company as a solo-founder or as part of a team. We are concerned with whether you can make progress, not the number of people.

The Start-up Launcher is not a program where you learn general theory and best practices to implement and then apply them to your business, situation, etc., by yourself. Instead, this program is a hands-on, all-encompassing partnership with us. You’ll execute the tasks within your core strategy we help you define at the program’s start.

However, we’ll be there guiding and mentoring you every single step of the way. You’ll utilise our years of experience, evidence-based frameworks, best practices and guiding principles in how we problem solve, conduct research and drawing data-driven decisions.

When you schedule an initial chat with our team will guide you via a video to and provide information on:

  • what is our program all about,
  • who it is for,
  • how the program works and, 
  • all the details you’re going to need to know before our call. 

We will also send you a checklist of things to consider, and only when we are in an excellent position, we can proceed to the next stage.

We do this to ensure we both show up ready, not showing up to get ready.

We will use this session to understand if this program is the right fit for you plus if you are truly ready for it.

We’ll use our session to diagnose your situationmotivations, frustrations, challenges, things you are good at and how we can better assist you in the program.

You will also get a closer look at how the program will function and ask the team questions regarding the program.

We will recommend alternative resources if we feel this program is unsuitable for you and recommend alternative options to increase your chances of success.

Every week you can submit your work based on the current module you are in for review.

You can send us your documents via the shared links and or attachments and can ask our team how you would like us to respond, such as:

  1. Privately via video or written responses or,
  2. Connect with our weekly online group sessions.

Our weekly review sessions to check your progress will be twice a week via Zoom. 

We will answer any questions you and the group may have, which is a great way to see how other people are progressing at their current stage to share and get inspired by each other.

Our team will also chime in if we feel you are not putting in the work to progress steadily week to week. 

You will receive emails to let you know where you should be at, what should you be focusing on at your current stage so you do not focus on items that will distract your progress.

We will also send you a checklist of things to think about at each step, and you will have access to our private client community to find help, opportunities, gain personalised feedback and guidance.

Important: we are not responsible for doing the work for you, and your progress is up to you. 

We understand most of our members are working full-time jobs or running their businesses, which means time is valuable. 

Our training content and support are there when you need them. That means you don’t have to stick to our schedule, and you can mould this program around your schedule.

The goal is to produce a solution in 12 weeks, which means we’ll be moving fast.

If you are working on weekends, you can submit your work for review during the weekend, and you can nominate us to send you direct video and or written feedback responses.

Our weekly group interaction sessions are during the week. However, you can view the recordings via our Private Facebook Group.

You can now find our Public Facebook Group and see a sample of our sessions and or discussion from like-minded entrepreneurs and share knowledge and learn from each other to start the thinking process.

You will utilise the learning modules via our secure portal to register an account and sign in to view the modules. 

Within the learning modules, the templates and frameworks you will access will be via Google Drive with a mixture of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and more that you will create copies of to download and use. 

You also can use any other third-party software you feel comfortable with; however, we recommend using what we have to save you time in any unnecessary work and or duplicated effort. 

You can also use your iPad, which we love to do and scribble your ideas using our templates.

Very good question!!

The core difference is that these institutions offer great practical ways to learn about how to go about UX, Service Design, etc. You end up learning how to apply the disciplines to another client’s problem that they assign you to, not for your own business.

With this program, you learn how to apply the learnings within your own business and not waste time.

Plus their services offer one-to-one mentoring, however, we mentor you and provide you guidance on issues and results facing your business challenges.

We’ll be there guiding and mentoring you every single step of the way. You’ll utilise our years of experience, evidence-based frameworks, best practices and guiding principles in how we problem solve, conduct research and drawing data-driven decisions.

You will have lifetime unlimited access to all the modules you have paid for, so you can revisit the learnings and templates and try it again with another big idea plus lifetime access to the materials and support via the community. within your program. 

Pretty sweet, hey?

You’ll have access to the training for life including any future updates to the tools, training, and resources.

You will be charged monthly and direct debited out of your nominated bank account, plus you will receive a Tax Invoice.

However, we are flexible and get creative based on your needs so please enquire with us when the time is right.

Yep! If you’re not happy within the first two weeks of the program, we’ll refund you the entire course fee.

Your initial investment gives yous lifetime access to the program materials and support.

You will likely need some tools that you may or may not already have to operate your business.

We have partnerships with research platforms that enable you to gain access at discounted rates and are happy to provide you with the details before you commit and pay for the program. 

You can add seats to the program as long as the individual(s) work or have an invested interest in your business.

We will continue to help as you move forward with your business by offering advice and support. You will also join our thriving startup community and lean on an amazing group of entrepreneurs.

We hope you feel a little more enlightened.